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November 30

OncoStem Diagnostics launches CanAssist-Breast: an innovative Breast cancer recurrence prediction test

Business World

For Dr Bakre Sparing Breast Cancer Patients from Chemotherapy has been a Life Calling

For Dr Manjiri Bakre, 48, founding OncoStem Diagnostics was driven by a personal experience. Within two years of diagnosis a close friend passed away at 30 due to breast cancer. "Neither she nor any of us were aware of how aggressive her disease was. This made me realize that we don't diagnose the disease enough and we need to know the tumor biology in detail to understand the progression and aggressiveness of the disease. This will empower the clinician and the patient to understand their disease better and help plan an 'informed' treatment," says Dr Bakre...

10 Jul, 2018

Indian Express

A glimpse of the vision of OncoStem by Indian express

Thirty-one-year-old Marie would have undergone chemotherapy but for Dr Manjiri Bakre and her OncoStem’s CanAssist-Breast test. The test showed that the newly married woman belonged to the low-risk category. She would have also been put on hormone therapy for five years and not conceived for six years had she undergone the traditional treatment. In the aftermath of the CanAssist-breast test, a happy and relieved Marie conceived and delivered a healthy baby.

Every year, nearly 1.5 lakh Indian women are detected with breast cancer...

8 Jul, 2018

Silicon India

Silicon India speaks about OncoStem

We have come a long way from the era when surgery was the only treatment modality for breast cancer and has reached several milestones akin to radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted drug therapy. Treatment strategies are continually evolving. Amidst the massive 1.5 lakh breast cancer patients in India, a good proportion (~50 percent) of patients are diagnosed at an early stage (Stage 1 & 2) and a majority of them can be potentially spared from chemotherapy based on the tumor biology. Unfortunately until recently the clinicians did not have anything beyond the clinico-pathological parameters...

11 Jun, 2018


E27 talks about OncoStem's flag-ship product CanAssist-Breast.

A close friend of Dr. Manjiri Bakre's -- a cell biology veteran with significant experience in cancer biology and drug discovery -- was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer at a young age of 30. Little did the patient know how aggressive her disease was until she succumbed to death two years later. Devastated and disappointed at the inability to save the friend's life, Bakre was determined to use her knowledge and expertise in cell biology, with the support of new-age technologies, to bring in a change and save millions of cancer patients, globally...

01 Jun, 2018

Press release

Oncostem Diagnostics Raises $6 Million Led By Sequoia India

OncoStem Diagnostics, a Bengaluru- based oncology-focused startup, has raised $6 million in a funding round led by Sequoia India.

The firm is focused on personalised cancer treatment planning through the development of innovative tests that effectively predict the chance of recurrence in patients

OncoStem will use the funds to deepen its research and development efforts, develop effective tests for oral, brain and colon cancer and automate these tests, it said in a statement here….

21 May, 2018

Smart CEO

About Dr. Manjiri in Smart CEO

Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures-backed OncoStem Diagnostics predicts cancer recurrence in a patient through its flagship product, CanAssist. While its current focus is on breast cancer, it aims to develop effective tests for oral, brain and colon cancer as well.

Most entrepreneurial ventures have a personal trigger and Manjiri Bakre's story is no different...

9 Jan, 2018

Press release

6 million reasons why you should know this cancer scientist

Dr Manjiri Bakre's OncoStem is revolutionising breast cancer treatment in India with a test that is faster AND cheaper than what is currently available in Europe and the US

And OncoStem just raised $6 million to do more!

Manjiri Bakre (left)in 2002 during her time as a researcher at the Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center lab at the university of California, San Diego….

27 Sep, 2017

Press release

OncoStem Diagnostics raises $6 mn led by Sequoia India, plans expansion globally

OncoStem Diagnostics, a Bangalore-based health start-up on Wednesday said it has raised USD 6 million in a funding round led by Sequoia India

It will use the fund to deepen its research and development efforts, develop effective tests for oral, brain and colon cancer and automate these tests. The company plans to expand its presence in India and introduce the test in new markets in Asia as well as Europe….

6 Sep, 2017

Press release

OncoStem Diagnostics launches CanAssist-Breast: an innovative Breast cancer recurrence prediction test

OncoStem Diagnostics announces the launch of its flagship product - “CanAssist-Breast”, an accurate and cost-effective test to predict the risk of breast cancer recurrence in early stage hormone positive and Her2 negative Breast Cancer patients. In India, about 150,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and this number is expected to double within the next decade. Currently, there are no affordable tests to predict the risk of cancer recurrence. As a result, the majority of….

30 Nov, 2016


About OncoStem Diagnostics, Published in ET

“Today in India over 90% of breast cancer patients go for chemotherapy to avoid recurrence however if you are a stage 1 cancer patient you might not have to go through chemo, our test helps determine that crucial decision,” Dr Manjiri Bakre, Founder of OncoStem told ET. The start up’s CanAssist-Breast test, Bakre claims, costs one fifth of what similar tests cost in US and Europe with less turnaround time. Typical tumour diagnostic tests roughly cost $4000 or RS 2.8 lakhs in US, Bakre says….

4 Oct, 2016


OncoStem in ABSICON 2016

OncoStem Diagnostics participated in ABSICON 2016, a Breast Cancer focused surgical oncology meeting held from July 1st-3rd at Hotel ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. Dr. Manjiri Bakre gave an invited lecture on the development and validation of CanAssist-Breast and its utility in patients with Breast Cancer. OncoStem Diagnostics also had a booth at ABSICON 2016 showcasing CanAssist-Breast.

ABSICON 2016 is the 5th Annual Conference of the Association of Breast Surgeons of India. Theme of the….

4 Jul, 2016