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OncoStem Diagnostics launches CanAssist-Breast: an innovative Breast cancer recurrence prediction test


November 30

OncoStem Diagnostics launches CanAssist-Breast: an innovative Breast cancer recurrence prediction test OncoStem Diagnostics announces the launch of its flagship product - “CanAssist-Breast”, an accurate and cost-effective test to predict the risk of breast cancer recurrence in early stage hormone positive and Her2 negative Breast Cancer patients.

In India, about 150,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and this number is expected to double within the next decade. Currently, there are no affordable tests to predict the risk of cancer recurrence. As a result, the majority of early stage patients with low-risk of recurrence are over-treated and thus bear toxic effects of chemotherapy treatment that reduces their quality of life. Additionally, studies have proven that the benefit of chemotherapy in such patients is known to be 10-15% suggesting many patients can be spared conventional chemotherapy.

With the advent of the molecular era, cancer treatment has evolved beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to cancer patients resulting in personalised treatment of cancers. "CanAssist-Breast" predicts the ‘risk of cancer recurrence’ in ER+/PR+/Her2- Breast Cancer patients in Stages 1 and 2 resulting in personalised and optimal treatment planning. Early data shows that the use of CanAssist-Breast test-based chemotherapy treatment planning has been highly beneficial in lymph node negative and positive patients across all age groups.

Highlighting the importance of CanAssist-Breast, Dr. Manjiri Bakre, Founder and CEO, OncoStem Diagnostics says, “CanAssist-Breast is a boon for patients as well as doctors. It enables clinicians to assess the aggressiveness of the tumor, and plan a personalised and optimum therapy for their patients. The CanAssist-Breast test can spare over 60,000 Breast Cancer patients in India and about 1 million patients worldwide every year from the severe side effects and unnecessary costs of chemotherapy. CanAssist-Breast test can be used on a much wider pool of patients ranging up to Stage 2B, and is priced at 1/6th the price of competing tests and, therefore, aims to touch the lives of millions of patients worldwide”.

CanAssist-Breast is ISO-13485 accredited, and expects to acquire the CE mark by December 2016. These accreditations will enable the launch of the test in global markets shortly thereafter. The market for a breast cancer recurrence diagnostics is currently valued at $3 billion globally and is expected to grow at 18% CAGR. OncoStem has partnered with Sapien Biosciences and Core Diagnostics to distribute the test in India.

About OncoStem Diagnostics Pvt Ltd:
Founded in 2011 with a mission of developing and delivering innovative, cost-effective and reliable tests for personalised cancer treatment planning, OncoStem is a visionary Oncology Diagnostics company in Bangalore, India, that is working to develop multi-marker prognostic and predictive tests to help revolutionise cancer treatment. OncoStem takes a unique approach to predicting cancer recurrence based on the molecular fingerprint of the tumor using Proteomics and Genomics based platforms and deep scientific knowledge. For more information please visit:


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