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Stratifies hormone-receptor positive breast cancer patients as low- or high-risk for cancer recurrence and aids in personalized treatment planning.



How will the CanAssist-Breast test results help me?

CanAssist-Breast is a 5 biomarker morphometric IHC test that will help to determine your cancer’s risk of recurrence. You will get a result that classifies your disease as either low- or high-risk for recurrence. A low-risk of recurrence means your cancer has 0 to 9% (average 4.5%) chance of recurring within 5 years. A high risk of recurrence means your cancer has a >10% chance of coming back within 5 years. These results are not a guarantee that your cancer will or will not recur, but will provide valuable information to your doctors which will help them design a customized treatment plan for you.

How long will the report take to arrive?

The report will be dispatched within 10 working days.

Who can use CanAssist-Breast?

All women with <74 years of age with Hormone Receptor (ER/PR) positive Invasive Ductal / Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast, whether node negative or node positive, and Her2 negative can use CanAssist-Breast to determine their risk of recurrence.

How can I order CanAssist-Breast?

CanAssist-Breast can only be ordered upon the recommendation by a treating clinician. You may ask your doctor to run the CanAssist-Breast test on your Breast Cancer sample. For more information on ordering CanAssist-Breast please see the Test Requisition Form or contact the OncoStem team at

What kind of samples are required to perform CanAssist-Breast?

CanAssist-Breast is performed on FFPE tumor blocks from lumpectomy, Mastectomy or Breast Conserving surgery specimens. A 30% tumor content in the block is minimally required to carry out the test.

Where is CanAssist-Breast test performed?

CanAssist-Breast test is performed at OncoStem’s central laboratory in Bangalore, India.


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Conferences and presentations

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OncoStem Diagnostics was selected by KBITS to participate in BioKorea 2016. OncoStem Diagnostics was part of the KBITS delegation of 7 selected start-ups that showcased their technologies in the BioKorea tradeshow and conference.

Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Symposium (APSCS) 2017, Hong Kong. CanAssist-Breast abstract was selected for poster presentation

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Indian Cancer Congress (ICC) 2017, Bangalore, India. CanAssist-Breast abstract was selected for poster presentation. Dr. Manjiri Bakre was an invited panellist.

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