Oncostem will pay INR 20000 to you if based on your CanAssist Breast test result you are prescibed chemotheraphy.

Your doctor has prescribed CanAssist Breast test to you, to help personalize your treatment. CanAssist Breast is a risk assessment test that assesses if your tumor is ‘aggressive’ and the likelihood that it may recur/come back. Based on the CanAssist Breast test report plus additional parameters, your doctor will decide on a course of treatment that may or may not involve chemotherapy

Our consultants have created a framework and ready-to-use template for a letter of medical necessity, based on their in-depth understanding of the claims review process.

We understand that cancer treatment can be difficult to cope with physically, mentally and nancially. Team OncoStem wants to put you rst by letting you focus on your recovery.

If, based on your CanAssist Breast test result, your doctor prescribes chemotherapy, you will be eligible for a reimbursement of Rs. 20,000 (TnC apply*) to help you meet your treatment expenses. Along with your test report, you will receive a form asking for bank details. Once we receive your bank details, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 4 weeks. We hope this initiative will play a part in easing your ght against breast cancer.

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write to us at youfirst@oncostemdiagnostics.com

*Terms and Conditions: This program is not valid along with other subsidized offers/schemes

Download - Template - Letter by clinician endorsing CAB