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Insurance Reimbursement

CanAssist Breast is a prognostic test that offers insights about tumour biology, thereby helping oncologists to determine the right treatment regimen for each patient. The CanAssist Breast risk score determines the patient’s risk of breast cancer recurrence over five years, allowing patients who are classified as ‘low-risk’ for breast cancer recurrence to avoid chemotherapy and its side-effects.
CanAssist Breast aids the doctor in personalizing your cancer treatment plan.

Prognostic tests are now mandated by international treatment guidelines and considered standard of care or “medically necessary” to guide chemotherapy decisions for early stage, hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients.

Based on a survey of past CanAssist Breast users, major public and private sector health insurance companies have approved claims for reimbursement of CanAssist Breast (TnC apply*).

When to apply for insurance reimbursement?

ER/PR Test
Canassistbreast testing
Letter by Clinician
Claim Submission

Important points to note:

  • A letter from the treating clinician stating the medical necessity of performing CanAssist Breast can be submitted along with the claim
  • Patients must apply for the reimbursement as a post-hospitalization expense within 60 days of discharge after surgery

For more information, please call or email our insurance helpline

*T&C: Reimbursement is dependent on the patient’s policy and coverage. OncoStem provides no guarantee that the claim will get approved.

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