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OncoStem Diagnostics and Dr. Manjiri Bakre in the news

AI-based Prognostic Test

26 November 2021

AI-based Prognostic Tests In Breast Cancer: Why This is a Game Changer

Oncostem prognostic tests

28 October 2021

EXCLUSIVE: What is overtreatment of breast cancer and how can it impact patients? An expert opines

breast cancer treatment

28 October 2021

EXCLUSIVE: What is overtreatment of breast cancer and how can it impact patients? An expert opines

Oncostem uses AI to personalise breast cancer treatment

22 October 2021

Technology in health sector has to be inclusive, cater to diversity, interoperable, scalable, frugal and user-friendly: Dr Ram Sewak Sharma

Prognostic test from Oncostem

17 September 2021

Prognostic tests and how it can impact breast cancer treatment

Oncostem uses AI to personalise breast cancer treatment

2 September 2021

How Oncostem uses AI to personalise breast cancer treatment

Prognostic test from Oncostem

24 August 2021

Prognostic tests and how it can impact breast cancer treatment

Startups Taking On Cancer

11 May 2021

Five Indian Startups Taking On Cancer

Overtreatment in breast cancer

14 February 2021

Solving problem of overtreatment in breast cancer

Cancer Care

23 December 2020

AI In Cancer Care: How It's Making a Difference In Treatment And Care

Help Breast Cancer Patients

25 November 2020

Manjiri Bakre: The Woman on a Mission To Help Breast Cancer Patients

Avoid Chemotheraphy

16 October 2020

Prognostic test helps select breast cancer patients avoid chemotheraphy

Early Stage Breast Cancer

09 October 2020

Does every early stage breast cancer patient need chemotherapy : Dr Manjiri Bakre

Health Tech Innovator

24 September 2020

Dr. Manjiri Bakre awarded 'Health Tech Innovator of the Year'

Startup Challenges

06 September 2020

Running a healthtech startup-Challenges, learnings and triumphs

Startupreneur Award Oncostem

05 September 2020

OncoStem Diagnostics Wins CII's Startupreneur Award In Biotech And Pharma Category

Outlook Of Breast Cancer

16 August 2020

Inc42 - How Technology Is Changing The Outlook Of Breast Cancer

Doctors Day

01 July 2020

BioSpectrum - OncoStem Diagnostics to host online quiz for doctors

Detect Breast Cancer Relapse

03 June 2020

AIM - How This Biotech Company Integrates Machine Learning Algorithms To Detect Relapse Of Breast Cancer

Transforming breast cancer treatment

08 June 2020

Ciol - How is OncoStem transforming breast cancer treatment in India

Healthcare Startup

25 April 2020

YourStory - What factors to consider before starting a healthcare company

Benefits for Breast cancer

30 March 2020

Economic Times - Breast cancer patients benefit from personalized treatment

Cancer Treatment In India

22 February 2020

Entrepreneur - This Entrepreneur Is Changing the Face Of Cancer Treatment In India

Startups Fight Cancer

04 February 2020

Inc42 - World Cancer Day: India’s Healthtech Startups Fight The Battle

Not fighting a losing battle

04 Feb 2020

The Pioneer - Not fighting a losing battle

World Cancer Day

04 Feb 2020

Yourstory - On World Cancer Day, meet 7 startups working to raise awareness


28 November 2019

The Pioneer - Pre-launch jitters? Here’s how to be prepared

Oncostem in the news

31 October 2019

Entrepreneur Online -5 Ways Machine learning is Redefining Healthcare

Validation Study in European Cohort

29 October 2019

Business World - OncoStem Diagnostics Successfully Completes Validation Study in European Cohort

Oncology Startup

26 October 2019

Indian Web2 - Oncology Startup OncoStem successfully completes Validation study in European Cohort

Reduce your risk

17 October 2019

Hans India - Reduce your risk


17 October 2019

The New Indian Express - Is chemo right answer? How recurrence tests can help you decide

Best Innovation

29 Sept 2019

Business Medical Dialogues - OncoStem Diagnostics Named ‘Best Innovation - Cancer Risk Assessment’ By NASSCOM

Cancer Diagnosis

28 September 2019

YourStory - 9 startups working to make cancer diagnosis and care easy and convenient

Cancer Care Startup

26 Sept 2019

Inc42 - Cancer Care Startup Onco Raises $7 Mn From Accel, Chiratae

Cancer Risk Assessment

26 Sept 2019

Indian Web2 - OncoStem Diagnostics named ‘Best Innovation- Cancer Risk Assessment


25 Sept 2019

The Pharma Times - OncoStem Diagnostics named ‘Best Innovation- Cancer Risk Assessment’ by NASSCOM

NASSCOM award Oncostem

25 Sept 2019

Healthcare Radius - OncoStem Diagnostics named ‘Best Innovation- Cancer Risk Assessment’ by NASSCOM

Best Innovation Award

24 Sept 2019

PharmaBiz - OncoStem Diagnostics named ‘Best Innovation--Cancer Risk Assessment’ by NASSCOM

Help breast cancer patient

21 Sept 2019

E 27 - This Machine Learning startup helps breast cancer patients

Recurrence Tests

9 August 2019

Express Healthcare - Why cancer recurrence tests are crucial to decide the course of treatment for a patient

Indian Healthcare Scene

July Edition

Spice Route - The Healthcare scene in India is changing with new age

Risk Assessment in Breast Cancer

17 July 2019

The Economic Times - Risk Assessment in Breast Cancer and its impact on Health Economics

Preventive cancer testing

8 July 2019

ET Prime - Preventive cancer testing can prevent aimless chemotheraphy

Early Stage Breast Cancer

24 March 2019

Times Of India - We don’t diagnose cancer early enough: Dr Manjiri Bakre

Breast Cancer Help

04 January 2019

MoneyControl - This startup helps cancer patients

Accreditation oncostem

16 Nov 2018

PharmaBiz - OncoStem receives accreditation from College of American Pathologists

Chemo is needed

1 Nov 2018

Financial Express - A test to tell if chemo is needed

AI to fight cancer

Quartz India - Startups in India are trying to train AI to fight cancer

Oncostem receives accreditation

17 Oct 2019

BioSpectrum - Oncostem receives accreditation from CAP

Advances in science

17 Oct 2019

Express Healthcare - With advances in science, treating breast cancer isn’t as frightening

CAP accreditation

16 Oct 2019

Pharma times - OncoStem Diagnostics receives accreditation from CAP

CAP accreditation

19 Nov 2018

This Week India - OncoStem Diagnostics receives accreditation from CAP

CAP accreditation

19 Nov 2018

Express Healthcare - OncoStem Diagnostics receives accreditation from CAP


9 Oct 2018

Deccan Herald - When chemotheraphy isn't the answer

Early Stage Breast Cancer

Sept 2018

E Health - This test spares early stage breast cancer patients from chemotheraphy

Personalised Cancer Treatment

August 2018

Your Story - Personalised Cancer treatment for women suffering from Breast Cancer

Beat Chemotheraphy

11 August 2018

Business Standard - How Machine learning is helping beat chemotheraphy

Sparing Breast Cancer Patient

10 July 2018

Business World - For Dr Bakre Sparing Breast Cancer Patients from Chemotherapy has been a Life Calling

Breast cancer

8 July 2018

The New Indian Express - Breast cancer: Reining in the Emperor of All Maladies

Oncologists talking about CanAssist Breast in the news


9 December 2021

Paradigm shift in breast cancer treatment protocol


25 October 2021

Breast Cancer Patients, Here's What An Oncologist Wants You To Know

Covid-19 pandemic

12 Aug 2021

Understanding The Benefits Of Personalisation Of Breast Cancer Treatment

Covid-19 pandemic

5 Aug 2021

Ways to manage breast cancer treatment during Covid-19 pandemic

Covid19 risk factor

4 Aug 2021

COVID-19, the high-risk factor for cancer patients, doctors

Management of Breast Cancer

26 June 2021

New developments in the management of Breast Cancer

 Over-treatment of Breast Cancer

17 June 2021

How Can the Over-treatment of Breast Cancer Be Avoided?

Managing Breast Cancer Treatment

11 May 2021

Managing breast cancer treatment during COVID-19

Breast Cancer Treatment

9th May 2021

An oncologist debunks common myths around breast cancer treatment

Avoid chemo

2nd March 2021

Experts say more than half of patients can avoid chemotherapy with tests

Detect risk of Breast Cancer

2nd March 2021

Modern tests should be used to detect risk of breast cancer early

Tests to detect cancer early

15 February 2021

Modern tests can detect cancer early

Breast Cancer Patient

10 February 2021

Breakthroughs That Can Help Breast Cancer Patients Improve Quality Of Life
Dr. Vashisth Maniar

Cancer awareness

05 February 2021

Cancer awareness is key for early detection
Dr. Priya Tiwari

No chemo

05 February 2021

स्तन कैंसर के हर मरीजों को कीमोथेरेपी कराने की जरुरत नहीं
Dr Aniket Thoke

No to chemo

05 February 2021

स्तन कैंसर के हर मरीजों को कीमोथेरेपी कराने की जरुरत नहीं
Dr Aniket Thoke

Breast Cancer incidnece rising

04 February 2021

Breast Cancer incidnece rising in Women under 50
Dr. Shyny Reddy

Side effects of Chemo

02 February 2021

Many of breast cancer patients can avoid debilitating side effects of chemotherapy with new age prognostic tests
Dr Sachin Madra


02 February 2021

Not every breast cancer patient needs Chemotherapy
Dr Amit Verma

Side-Effects Of Breast Cancer Treatment

02 February 2021

New Prognostic Tests Help Minimize Side-Effects Of Breast Cancer Treatment, But Early Disease Diagnosis Is Key
Dr Ravi Gupta

Prognostic test canassist

02 February 2021

स्तन कैंसर के इलाज के दुष्प्रभाव नए प्रोग्नोस्टिक टेस्ट से कम करें, लेकिन शीघ्र डायग्नोज होना महत्वपूर्ण
Dr Ravi Gupta

Covid 19 and cancer

20 December 2020

What To Do When A Cancer Patient Tests Positive For COVID-19?
Dr. Krishna Prasad

 Care for Cancer patient

20 December 2020

Care for Cancer patients during COVID-19 times
Dr. Uttam Soni

Breast Cancer treatment

02 December 2020

Breast Cancer treatment today, and a decade ago
Dr. Karthik Udupa

Evolution of breast cancer

17 November 2020

The evolution of breast cancer treatment
Dr Vipin Goel

Manage cancer

08 Oct 2020

How Tele Oncology can help manage cancer care during a pandemic?
Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Dr. Shashank Nigam

Oncologists and covid 19

28 Aug 2020

Express Healthcare - How oncologists and hospitals can adapt to COVID-19 : Dr (Col) R Ranga Rao

Treatment for breast cancer

25 June 2020

Express Healthcare - How does treatment for breast cancer change during COVID-19 times : Dr Kinner C Shah

Manage cancer treatment

17 June 2020

Businesss World - How to manage treatment and care when diagnosed with breast cancer during a pandemic : Dr Diptendra Sarkar

Treatment during pandemic

13 June 2020

BioSpectrum - S&T advancements and navigating through treatment during pandemic : Dr Rakesh Reddy Boya

CanAssist Breast

12 June 2020

Business Standard - CanAssist Breast: Robust science and cost effective alternative : Dr Somashekhar S P

CanAssist Oncostem

12 June 2020

The Week - New age technology can help Indian cancer patients save a lot of money : Dr. Harit Chaturvedi

Cancer and COVID-19

27 May 2020

Business Standard - Cancer and COVID-19 - A huge dilemma for doctors : Dr Avinash C.B

Change in Breast Cancer treatment

19 May 2020

Economic Times - Science will continue to drive change in breast cancer treatment : Dr Murali Subramanian

Early Detection

16 May 2020

BioSpectrum - Importance of early detection of breast cancer during COVID-19 : Dr. Shona Nag

Canassit Recurrence Test

17th October 2019

The New Indian Express - Is chemo right answer? How recurrence tests help : Dr Prasad Narayanan

Reshaping cancer treatment

16 May 2020

ETHealthWorld - Ideas that are reshaping cancer treatment : Dr. D G Vijay

Understand your risk

17th October 2019

Hans News Service - Understand your risk of recurrence : Dr. Vamshi Krishna

Want to know about your recurrence risk?

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